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Vintage camera lamp


An unusual piece, mounted on an adjustable tripod, can be used as a floor or table lamp. Fitted with Edison bulb and rocker switch.

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What can I do with my upcycled lamps?

Answer: Add ambience to any room. Have a talking point when guests visit. Evoke nostalgia when lamps are upcycled from vintage items. Be unique and quirky in your interior design.

Why buy our lamps?

Answer: Why not buy something unique that nobody else has. Add ambience and a talking point to any room whilst evoking a feeling of nostalgia. Our lamps do just this whilst saving unused items from adding to landfills.

What is the best-upcycled lighting gift for men?

Answer: Some of the best items upcycled to create lighting for men include sports memorabilia, vintage tools, alcohol bottles, garden tools and car parts.

Are the lamps rewired for day use?

Answer: Our lamps are rewired and pat tested to British standards and can add ambience at night and during the day.

How do you upcycle an old lamp?

Answer: There are many ways an old lamp can be upcycled, it can be rewired, repainted or have further objects or materials added.

What can you do with old lamp bases?

Answer: A fresh coat of spray paint can add lustre, colour and artistic inspiration to a lamp base. If your lamp base is in good condition but the colour is outdated or the existing paint is peeling, a coat of spray paint can restore and revitalize your light fixture.

How do you make anything into a lamp?

Answer: Most items can be repurposed into lamps, by simply adding wiring and a bulb holder. How the lamp fittings are fixed to the object will depend on it’s shape and size. We are here to design this on your behalf with our commission service.


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