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Our Top Five Vintage Lamps

Its become a growing trend in the UK to upcycle and recycle old memorabilia, here at rewind interiors we are passionate about bringing some nostalgia and uniqueness to your living room via vintage retro table lamps. Here is in this blog post we take a look at our five greatest pieces


1) Vintage Telephone Lamp

This lamp is repurposed from a phone that would have been at one point in its life, a glimpse into the future of communication. During its heydays of the 1970s, imagine the telephone conversations that went through this piece. This would make a great gift for anyone who was around in this era, or loved the 70s!


View Our Vintage Telephone Lamps Here



Vintage telephone lamp

2)  Violin Telephone Lamp

The perfect gift for a music lover, this lamp has been repurposed from a broken violin which would have otherwise ended up in landfill. The Edison style bulb casts a warm and welcoming light. The violin is beautifully mounted on a steel base and stem.


View Our Vintage Violin Lamp Here



Vintage telephone lamp

3)  Vintage Camera Lamp

A photography enthusiast’s dream, this lamp has been upcycled from a 1970’s fujica SLR camera. Imagine what this camera has seen in its lifetime. This would be an excellent gift to evoke nostalgia for anyone around during this era.


View Our Vintage Camera Lamps Here



Vintage Nikkomat floor lamp

4)  Vintage Hairdryer Lamp

A beautiful vintage hairdryer, dating from the 1950s has been given a new lease of life as a retro, funky table lamp. A stunning piece of fashion and beauty history repurposed to give style to any room.


View Our Amazing Hairdryer Lamp Here



Vintage hairdryer lamp

5)  Brown Box Camera Lamp

A great gift for the camera collector or photography lover! Made by upcycling a rare vintage kodak box brownie camera, mounted on a stunning wooden tripod with traditional corded flex and Edison bulb.


View Our Amazing Brown Box Camera Lamp Here



Brown box camera table lamp

We hope that these examples have inspired some creative choices of gifts for yourself or a loved one. Take a look at our other items in our store, and please remember that we also offer a bespoke design service. So if you have an item you wish to be renewed and reloved let us know.

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